About Px HealthCare

Px HealthCare develops online, multi-media products for people with chronic diseases providing them with individualized, practical support. The focus is currently on breast cancer as so many women are affected by the condition and the impact, both mentally and physically, is big. Through the website (www.owise.nl / www.owise.eu) and the OWise iPhone app, Px HealthCare offers women (and men) smart internet tools which helps them gaining insight into and control over their situation during and after illness.

Watch the OWise Launch video and hear what patients think of it.
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As a research organization Px HealthCare aims to improve the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer by conducting high-quality research into lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors. The company collects the fully anonimized data that users enter via the app and website and uses the aggregated data for medical research. By doing so the company can identify correlations between medication and side-effects, as well as drug-drug interactions in a real life setting. Longer term, Px HealthCare aims to obtain insight into how environmental factors affect the genome and how diseases such as breast cancer can be possibly prevented or treated more effectively. More about the medical research goals of the company can be read below.

Px HealthCare is a young company, founded in 2012, which puts the patients first by providing them with support tools that make a real difference. As a data-analytics company, the longitudinal and clinical field data collected enables the company to gain real insight into the effectiveness of treatments for cancer. Px HealthCare's goals are to

* Support patients with personalized, online, self-management tools
* Collect and share valuable, anonimized, patient data to advance medical research
* Build a sustainable health care business with a worldwide reach

The company was founded by Dr. Anne Bruinvels who devoted much of her international career to the development of more effective, personalized drug treatments and diagnostic tools. The 'Px' of Px HealthCare stands for 'personalized'.

Px HealthCare was founded in the Netherlands but has an international focus. While products are initially developed and tested in the Netherlands (the country with the highest proportion of the population being online), they will be rolled out in other European (and non-European) countries in the near future. The collection of data worldwide will be extremely useful for obtaining a better understanding of the factors that contribute to the development of illnesses such as cancer and other chronic diseases. If you would you like to receive more information on Px HealthCare please send an e-mail to info@pxhealthcare.com.

Management of Px HealthCare

The company is led by a small team, consisting of:

Anne Bruinvels, PhD: Founder
David Bruinvels, MD, PhD: Medical Affairs
Rutger van der Lee, MSc: Marketing & Strategy

A Scientific and Medical Advisory Board is currently being established. The company is also setting up a number of collaborations with various Dutch hospitals to evaluate the Dutch version of OWise breast cancer. Information on these developments will be published soon on this website.

Px HealthCare B.V. is an independent organization fully funded by its shareholders. For information about investments or donations please contact:

Dr. Anne T. Bruinvels, e-mail: anneb@pxhealthcare.com

Px HealthCare B.V. is registered in the Dutch Chambre of Commerce under number 54921791.

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